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Fun Crayons: An Easy Read Guide

We’ve been having lots of fun making different shapes out of crayons for unique Christmas presents this year. It turns out they were quite simple to make, so if you want to make some yourself, follow along our Easy Read Guide!

What you need

You will need a sillicone mould of your choice and a bunch of crayons.

Step 1

Take all of the paper wrapping off of your crayons.

This is important as we will be putting them in the oven!

Step 2

Break your crayons into pieces! This can get messy, we did it over a tray.

Step 3

Fill the moulds with the crayons! You can use one colour per shape, or mix colours together to create a cool marble crayon!

Top tip – Fill the moulds as much as you can! Don’t worry if there are little gaps because the crayons will melt into any gaps!

Step 4

Preheat your oven to 100°c

Step 5

Put your silicon mould full of crayons into the oven!

We found it best to put the mould onto a baking tray first because the mould can be a bit floppy!

Step 6

Leave your crayons in the oven for 15 minutes.
Check on them after this time. If they aren’t completely melted, leave them 5 more minutes and check again!

If they are completely melted, take them out the oven.
Be careful, they will be hot! Use an oven glove to remove the baking tray/mould!

Step 7

Let your crayons cool down!

Leave them in the mould to cool down and become solid.

This takes between 10 and 20 minutes, although the longer you wait the better!

Step 8

Pop the now solid crayons out of the mould!

Step 9

You’ve made your own Christmas crayons!

Wrap them up for a friend or keep them for yourself!

Top tip – Sometimes the finished crayons may snap as you take them out of the moulds, this could be because the mould shape is a bit thin in places! If this happens, pop the broken bits back in the mould and pop them back into the oven to melt again!




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