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Fibre: An Easy Read Guide

Fibre is an important part of a healthy diet, but why do we need Fibre?

We’ve put together this Easy Read guide to help you understand more about Fibre.

Why is Fibre important?

Fibre is good for our heart.

Fibre helps us poo.

Fibre helps us with our blood sugar levels.

Fibre fills you up for longer.

This helps us eat less and helps us be a healthy weight.

What foods have Fibre in?

Cereal and

Whole-grain Bread.

Sweet and normal Potatoes in their skins.

Fruit and Vegetables.

Nuts and Beans.

How much Fibre should I eat?

Adults between 19-64 need to eat 30g of fibre each day.

Here is a healthy lunch idea:

A Jacket potato with Beans and an Apple for after.

This would give you 14g of Fibre. 

You can find out more about Fibre from the NHS Website. Simply click the button below to take you there!




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